Crystal Fire - DNF

Crystal Fire - Jordan Dane

I was trying to make it to at least 25% of Crystal Fire, but I just couldn't do it anymore at 13%. I was hopeful for a bit there since we start off with new characters, but things quickly went down hill. The couples from the previous book show up a couple of chapters in and immediately manage to annoy me with their cheesy interactions. There was a section of at least 5 paragraphs of info dumping to remind us of the previous book that masqueraded as reminiscing. There is a secondary character that dies in the previous book and said character very clearly only existed to die and make us sad and hate the bad guys. That being said, I still don't have strong feelings about the villains because I know nearly nothing about them! How did their organization come about? What is its actual goal? What does it pretend to be to the outside world? How does it have all this money? I can't hate something I know nothing about D:. Finally, despite the info dumps, I still know very little about the structure and rules of the magic powers in this series and it drives me nuts. There are Indigo children and Crystals apparently? Crystals are more peaceful and Indigos more warriorlike? Except the characters that are supposed to belong to each group don't reflect that AT ALL?? Everything feels so arbitrary and I just can't finish this one unfortunately.