Time Mends (Timber Wolves Trilogy, #2)

Time Mends: Timber Wolves - Tammy Blackwell

Blackwell continues to impress with the second of the Timber Wolves series: Time Mends. The world of shifters and seers continues to baffle and enrage, and in Time Mends, Scout has an all new set of revelations to deal with, including a big fluffy arctic wolf.

My mom and I decided to both buy one of the Timber Wolves books and trade them to each so that we could both finish the series. Having book buddies is so much fun :D. The second Timber Wolves book, Time Mends, has more drama for Scout to deal with, and this time it is her life that is on the line. I’ll try not to spoil the first book, but there is some major stuff that happens at the end of the first book, and so avoiding spoilers will be difficult. It would probably be best for you to read my review of the first book and read it first :D.
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Time Mends
Author: Tammy Blackwell
Pages: 269 pages
Genre-ish: Urban (rural?) fantasy
Rating★★★★☆ solid second book, not quite as awesome as the first
Setting: Scout is from a rural town, Timber, that seemed perfectly normal. In the previous book, she found out that shifters (coyote and wolf) exist, as well as seers. A large number of her friends and family have been revealed as one of the two, which has led to graduation being only one of the highlights of Scout’s life recently. There is also some time spent in Romania….
Premise: The previous book, Destiny Binds, ended with a tragic accident that has left Scout horribly mauled by a shifter and heart broken. Shifters, however, are genetic, not created by being bitten like the myth says. That makes it very strange when Scout starts having some strange… symptoms… and very inconvenient since various very powerful people really don’t like who they think she is.


  • Blackwell has an addictive writing style, and she continues to be fantastically skilled and witty openings, dialogue and action scenes.
  • In many books, the death of a loved one would be saved for some dramatic trilogy finale, so it is interesting how Blackwell keeps the plot captivating despite the very dramatic end to the previous book.
  • I really love the dream scenes that Scout has, and find that they give a needed break from the stress and drama of the main plot line.
  • The secondary characters of Time Mends are freaking fantastic, and I absolutely adore Talley and her development in this book. I really love the example that Blackwell is providing by showing that heavier  female characters can be awesome, beautiful and loved by the popular guy. I think this trend should be continued in other novels more often.
  • I love nerdy references, and there were so many :D.


  • I’m sure I’m a hopeless romantic, because I hate any hint of disloyalty after a character has been all “I’ll love you forever, mushy mushy mushy.” There are some good points about being able to love two people at the same time, etc, but really, there can be a book without a love story. Time Mends just insisted on still having love drama even when the first love interest is gone….
  • I got lost sometimes. It was weird, I was reading, and then somehow something different seemed to be happening and it would take me a paragraph or two to catch up with what Blackwell was assuming the reader had figured out. I’m all for not holding a reader’s hand, but when it distracts me from the story, it’s not a good quality.
  • So freaking frustrating! I understand the need for tension to keep a book interesting, but the horrible unfairness of parts of Time Mends just made me want to punch certain awful villains… which just leads to me getting stressed out and needing to put the book down.

I was completely wowed by Destiny Binds, and Time Mends had a lot to live up to. It didn’t quite make it, but I still very much enjoyed continuing the series. Blackwell is a very skilled writer, and the books are fast reads. Time Mends explains a whole lot more about the structure of the world that Scout has been flung into, and does a wonderful job of continuing a compelling plot after a major character has been killed off. There were a couple of things that frustrated me, but I still ridiculously recommend the Timber Wolves series to YA urban fantasy fans, because, wow, this indie author knows what she’s doing!

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