Blade Song (Colbana Files)

Blade Song - J.C. Daniels

Blade Song by J. C. Daniels is an urban fantasy novel that follows the investigations of Kit Colbana when a powerful were-cat’s nephew goes missing and Kit must deal with allies, enemies and her own emotions to find the boy before it’s too late for him and therefore her as well. No one said working with shifters was a good idea….

I was in the mood for urban fantasy a while ago and went through Netgalley to find some new novels that needed some promotion. Blade Song looked like your typical kick-butt female urban fantasy, but turned out to be much more familiar than I really expected. Urban fantasy is definitely starting to get a bit stale as a genre with the same premises being used over and over, but Blade Song went beyond that in emphasizing the things that bother me about the genre right now….


 Blade Song
Author: J. C. Daniels
Pages: 261
Genre-ish: Urban Fantasy
Rating: ★★★ - interesting plot, major annoyances
Setting: The typical urban fantasy setting with vampires, were-shifters, witches and amazon descendants living in the open or in  secret of our modern day world.
Premise: Kit Colbana is a half-breed amazon who is now working as a mercenary/investigator and is asked/commanded by the leader of the were-cats to find a missing nephew. The boy’s disappearance starts to have a few too many coincidences around it and you’ll never guess the ending!


  • The writing was fairly compelling and interesting. When annoying things weren’t happening I definitely wanted to keep turning those pages!
  • I liked the way witches were portrayed: much more Wiccan than dark and evil as they often are portrayed in urban fantasy.
  • The plot development was interesting and I enjoyed the twist at the end.


  • The premise of a sword-wielding, rare heritage mercenary/investigator woman hired by a powerful cat shifter who annoys her but she eventually falls for is waaaaaay too familiar and I’m afraid that I like Kate Daniels way better….
  • The concept of a strong woman falling in lust/love with a guy who has physically abused, stalked, controlled and generally completely disrespected her pissed me off to no end, ugh!
  • The general flow of the plot was fairly predictable, including the romance element….

Urban fantasy is a genre that is starting to get worn out for me. Blade Song could easily have had a slightly different premise to keep from being so blatantly similar to a favorite series, which was disappointing. More so, though, I hate female characters that make such bad relationship role models. These things combined to tarnish the good writing and interesting plot that could have made Blade Song an enjoyable book.