White Witch

White Witch - Trish Milburn

White Witch is a YA urban fantasy about a teenage witch, Jax, who doesn’t want to be evil in a world where all witches get their power from dark forces and leaving the family business is not an easy task. Just when things seem to be getting better for this runaway, things get rather explosively bad again….

I was in the mood for some more urban fantasy and cruised through Netgalley requesting any covers that caught my eye and seemed to fit the genre (Netgalley loads so slowly for me that I can’t really read the descriptions…. Anyone else have this problem??). I wasn’t expecting anything too out of this world since I have bad luck with Netgalleys, but wow I am so glad I requested White Witch :D. I really want to read the next one like right NAO. Also I love this cover! It’s very accurate for the big finale :D.

 White Witch
Author: Trish Milburn
Pages: 188
Genre-ish: YA Urban Fantasy (no werewolves/vampires so far…)
Rating: ★★★★ - Compelling plot and characters, minor flaws
Setting: Like most urban fantasy, White Witch takes place in a US much like ours except that witches and ghosts exist. Witches are also all powered by evil forces and pretty obsessed with revenge for Salem and the other killings back then, and start killing humans at 17.
Premise: Jax, however, was (un)lucky enough to have a mother who didn’t want to kill humans, and was able to mostly get away with doing other things for the coven, until she tried to run away and was killed for it. At that point Jax decided she needed to plan better and get out before her 17th birthday, and that’s just what she did. With a little mind control she was able to enroll in high school and now she’s trying to keep a low magic profile so that her family doesn’t find her and brutally murder her as well!


  • The writing and plot of White Witch are very compelling and even for someone who doesn’t read a lot of YA (and doesn’t tend to like high school settings), I really wanted to keep reading!
  • I loooooove Jax’s friend Toni! She is the bomb. Also with such a short time-line their very close friendship could have felt forced, but Milburn is able to set up situations that completely justify how close the friends become so quickly.
  • I really like the lore and world-building that has started in this book and hopefully will be continuing. It’s a little different than all the vampire and werewolf stories that have been coming out and that is quite refreshing!


  • The Kindle version that I got was really horribly formatted in places. The formatting switched between indenting paragraphs and not indenting paragraphs half way through chapters and at times would have three lines with only one word on them when that was definitely not supposed to be the case. Minor typos etc aren’t a big deal, but this formatting started making it difficult for me to read the awesome writing :(.
  • While Jax is a teen, and they tend to be more dramatic, there were a few too many “question” paragraphs where she lists off all of the dramatic questions going through her head. Those are best reserved for one or two crisis moments, not seven….
  • And again, Jax and Toni are teenage girls, so boys will obviously be on their mind, but the boy obsessing dominated a little teeny bit too much of the text for me when there was the whole life and death thing going on.


I was honestly really surprised that I liked White Witch as much as I did, since YA paranormal/urban fantasy tends to get a bit too much for me. I have to say, though, that White Witch was so well written and had enough interesting lore hinted at that I buzzed through it very quickly and am putting the second in the Coven series on my to-read list! Definitely get a copy if the premise sounds interesting to you but count on reading it fast. :D

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