Ill Wind (Weather Warden Series #1)

Ill Wind - Rachel Caine

All right, so everyone needs some light reading sometimes, and urban fantasy is perfect for that. There is usually a kick-butt heroine, a sexy guy who is in love with her, and some big bad thing that they can easily defeat through skills and awesome luck. The Weather Warden series definitely fits that, and here is the break down.

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 Ill Wind is the first book, series is Weather Warden
Author: Rachel Caine
Length: Each book is about 350 pages, there are ten books

  • Interesting take on the basic four elements magic system, real physics usually is involved
  • Usually entertaining heroine
  • Really hot and caring perfect boyfriend for her
  • The world becomes much more interesting and full as the series goes on
  • Easy reading for the most part
  • Strangely stressful to read. Maybe it’s just me, but this woman’s life is crazy and I was honestly a bit stressed when reading the first book and actually set it down because I didn’t want to be stressed.
  • Gets a bit boring here and there when you aren’t in the mood for easy reading
  • The boyfriend is sickeningly perfect… *sigh*
  • Writing quality is what you’d expect from an easy urban fantasy
Summary: Perfect for airports or otherwise draining moments of life. Not as satisfying as, well, better books, but good enough. Read the first couple for sure, but I’m not on the edge of my seat to get number nine.