Gunmetal Magic Audiobook by Ilona Andrews {4 Stars}

Gunmetal Magic (Kate Daniels, #5.5) -  Ilona Andrews

I won't be doing my normal format review for this one because I am already swimming in reviews! However, here are my thoughts!



  • I freaking love Andrea! She is such a great character with a really heart-wrenching past. We got to see so much more about her, her previous life, what it's like being beastkin, and how she really feels about Raphael. Awesome!
  • The narration for Gunmetal Magic ended up working quite well. A lot of the characters have southern accents, which makes sense given the Pack is based in the south. I ended up being quite happy with Andrea's voice and all the other characters'. 
  • Gunmetal Magic brings in Egyptian mythology!
  • Oh boudas and their shenanigans! Raphael got a bit weird at times, but Andrea has the best pranks ;-).
  • Especially towards the second half of Gunmetal Magic, we get to see inner workings of the Pack that couldn't really be told from Kate's perspective. As Andrea deals with Clan Bouda and figures out what she's going to do, we get a new angle on Clans and how they operate, very cool.

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  • The first half of Gunmetal Magic is dominated by relationship drama and I just wanted to smack Raphael and Andrea upside their heads. Or lock them in a room together.
  • The ending of the big battle etc ended up a little bit confusing, perhaps because I was listening on audio, but also just because there were various rules and reasonings from arguably crazy people >.>. 
  • The narration worked for me in the end, but it did take getting used to!


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