Shadows of the Realm (The Circle of Talia)

Shadows of the Realm - Dionne Lister/Eloise March I unfortunately had to DNF Shadows of the Realm. I found there were large information dumps for the first several chapters that weren't even that related to what was going on with the characters. The one chapter that focused on the dragons showed them in a ridiculous light. I had images of dragon kings sitting on benches (just try picturing that in your mind and tell me you didn't chuckle), overly dramatic language mixed with very informal (the dragons apparently like to speak in "fancy" terms like thee and thou), and hugging. I'm not against dragons being used in a comedy, but I thought I was reading high fantasy.... The villains have so far been portrayed completely flat since they are apparently a race of evil killers. I did think the premise of magic being based on channeling power from a Second Realm interesting, but throw in animal companions that sound just like humans in their mind-speech and actually journeying to and meeting in this Second Realm and the magic system was getting a bit cluttered. Finally, the two younger protagonists I was introduced to were petulant and moody. They would be spitting mad just because they're guardian wouldn't tell them something or said something they didn't like, not really an unforgivable offense ya know? Oh and using commas correctly would have helped my reading experience.In summary, Shadows of the Realm had potential but combined far too many fantasy oddities together for my taste. Once the annoying characters and flat villains were thrown in, I just couldn't take it.